‘VISIT’ Magazine Continues To Promote Island Overseas

VISIT 2024” featured an opening article titled “The Many Faces of SXM”. The article highlighted the islands diversity through its people. Photo features three of the “faces” from the article: Peter Mirpuri (left), Robert-Jan James (second left) and Edna “Energy” Evans (right) with Garry Duell Jr., of North South Net, “VISIT” publisher (second right).

PHILIPSBURG–“VISIT St. Maarten/St. Martin” is more than an in-room hotel glossy magazine of the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA). It is a vehicle for promoting the island in the vital North American tourism market and the just launched 2024 edition is no different.

The digital version of the magazine has been sent to 250 travel agents through e-blast and an annual campaign “worth mega bucks” will promote the island for winter and summer for two weeks in February and two weeks in May, shared Garry Duell Jr., of North South Net, “VISIT” publisher. The campaign includes a half-page advertisement in “USA Today” covering Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Charlotte.

“We lend our support each and every year to the Heineken Regatta, the relatively new in its third year coming up Flavors dine around programme, the arts and Padel ball, the newest hot sport of the island,” Duell Jr., said.

“VISIT website, that works amazingly well. Our member advertisers are getting more views than ever before,” Duell Jr., told guests at the magazine launch held at Aziana restaurant in Bobby’s Marina.

Adding to “VISIT’s” portfolio is the “The Visit App” with booking capabilities, ways to find options and menus for restaurants.

“VISIT 2024” continues to carry on the tradition of informing visitors about all the exciting things to see and do, while presenting a fresh take on the best experiences found throughout St. Maarten/St. Martin. The richly illustrated book highlights local personalities and captures the beauty of the island with captivating photography, engaging stories and valuable information about shopping, dining, activities, attractions, and much more. Special features this year are amongst others tips and suggestions by expert Clara Reyes on experiencing St. Maarten Culture and “Faces of St. Maarten” highlighting the many cultures on the island. As was the case over the past years, the SHTA Event Calendar is included in a fold-out version.

He thanked magazine advertisers for their participation. “It’s because of your support that we’re able to support the SHTA and the many projects we collaborate on.” He noted that magazine rates have not increased in the past five years. Yet, “we keep piling on” in terms of advertisers and exposure.

Special thanks were also extended to Wyb Meijer, director of SHTA and his team for their continued support. SHTA has renewed its contract with “VISIT” for another three years.

Duell Jr. also thanks locally-based magazine staff Ingrid James (administration), Jon (distributor), Luis Sardine (advertising executive) and Alex Thomas (web designer) as well as collaborators Alita Singh (writer) and Richard Hazel (photographer), among others.

Special mention was made of Grand Vin de France, Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco and CC1 for supporting the launch party.

Next to its presence in hotel rooms and the availability of spin-offs Maps, Dining and Shopping & Activities in kiosks all over the island, “VISIT” magazine is also available digitally via visitstmaarten.com .

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